Creating Curb Appeal for Your Home… And for You

The importance of curb appeal is, of course to make a great first impression for potential homebuyers. But why not create a home with maximum curb-itude for you, too?   A super appealing home exterior will not only make you the envy of all your neighbors, but make you say “home sweet home”, each and every time arrive.

What is ‘Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is simply, the attractiveness of the home and property as it’s seen from the sidewalk. A Realtor evaluates a home by using this term. So, for home-sellers, it’s very important to boost this ranking as high as possible with a little outdoor decorating.


Potted plants to match the color scheme of your homes exterior, landscaping, and general home repair can go a long way towards accomplishing your home’s curb appeal and value. A few other ideas to make your home more curb-ilicious are:

Curb-itudeShut the Front Door!

Have fun with color! A red, turquoise blue, or black front door makes a statement that says this home is special from the time you enter. Enhance it further by hanging a wreath made from dried herbs, or flowers, and placed in containers. Go ahead, stray from the typical circular wreath and give your door a focal point of beauty and warmth with something unexpected found at an antique store.

Walk This Way

Creating a fresh, welcoming doorway will put your guests at ease immediately. Remove that worn welcome mat and invest in something clean and cheery. If space allows, a strategically placed rocker or other piece of furniture is a wonderful, eye-catching addition to a porch. Remember to avoid over-cluttering, and blocking necessary pathways.

Paint it for Life!

Painting is a great option for giving your home a face-lift, however if you plan on remaining in the home for some time, you’ll be looking towards repeating the process sooner than you realize. Why not consider a “paint” that will last for the life of your home? For example, coatings like

Life Deck™, Rainshield™, or Stretch-Guard™, that have the added benefit of being eco-friendly products with low Volatile Organic Contents (VOCs).

Curb-itudeAdditionally, Stretch-Guard coatings are superior to regular paints, as it creates a thick waterproof layer that covers and seals hairline cracks and contracts and expands with the movement of your home, which helps to prevent further cracking and water damage. Standard paints, are a great option to re-fresh the look of your home for the short-term, but for the long term they are not designed to waterproof or prevent cracking.

Your choices are endless when it comes to transforming the outside of your home to one that you and others will appreciate each, and every day for years to come .


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