Cool LIfe

Cool wall heat reflective

Cool Life™ is one of the most advanced coating technology available today for your home. This specially designed exterior coating has been proven to reduce surface heat caused by the sun’s infrared rays. For the customer, this means a lower exterior temperature which results in a cooler home and reduced AC costs. Without Cool Life™, a standard home can absorb up to 90% of the sun’s heat. When eco-solutions are applied to a home, the electricity savings can add up.

Key advantages:

  • Heat Reflective To Keep Your Home Cooler
  • Resistant To Harmful UV Rays
  • Weatherproof – To Help Avoid Damage
  • Resistant To Moisture and Harmful Chemicals
  • Excellent Hide And Helps Resist Fading
  • Save On Your Energy Bills
  • Water Base For Easy Clean Up
  • Environmentally Friendly Product

Cool Life™ Signature colors offer the highest product performance.

This technology is yet another example of Lifetime Plus Coating’s environmental research and coating expertise.  Results Provided by a third party independent testing facility.

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Key Advantages:

  • Heat Reflective
  • UV Resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Chemical and Moisture Resistant
  • Excellent Hide and Color Retention
  • Year Round Savings On Energy Bills
  • Water Base, Easy Clean-up