Exterior Colors – Points to Consider

Color Conscious

Deciding on what color palette to choose for your home’s exterior can sometimes be a daunting task.  There are several considerations to keep in mind; like the era and architectural style of your home, the color scheme of the surrounding homes, and the most fun one of all – Your personal and unique style!  



One factor you may want to be aware of is that color can affect our moods, feelings, and behaviors.

Your preferences and dislikes are often deeply rooted in your own
personal experience or culture. For example, in western countries the color white represents purity and innocence, as opposed to many eastern countries, where white represents sadness and mourning. If selecting your home’s exterior color based on the emotions it projects, these may be interesting facts to know:

White: Can feel fresh and clean, and is often used to evoke a sense of youth and modernity. 

Blue: Often evokes stability and safety and calm.

Black: Can you paint your house black?  You bet!  Black is a “powerful” color, one of most popular color choices for luxury vehicles, and often described as sexy, powerful, mysterious, and even ominous.  

Cool LIfe






Color ConsciousThere are many interesting hues in today’s market to choose from that will allow your home to make a unique and bold statement. For instance, a warm and earthy mustard can look incredible even on a traditional home. A rich green color with neutral white trim and red accents can look fantastic on a home surrounded by lush landscape, so remember to look at what’s surrounding your home when deciding on your color palette.

Also, consider what special architectural elements your homes exterior has that may be highlighted as it’s focal point.  For instance, a brightly colored door can perfectly spotlight an elegant entryway



Keep it simple.  You can use color to enhance or hide architectural details. For something fantastic that you want to stand out, paint it a contrasting color, one that will enhance, not detract from that design feature. For something you want to deemphasize go with the same or a similar hue as whatever is surrounding it. It will blend right in!
To trim down the cost of having to repaint in a relatively short period of time, you may consider an advanced technology like Stretch-Guard, a high-build elastomeric coating system. Where most exterior paints will chip and blister over time with the constant change in weather, Stretch-Guard adapts to it, outlasting even the sturdiest of paints. Here at LifeTime Plus Coatings of America we offer a variety of colors to choose from. See some of your color choices here.

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