Cool Life™

Advanced Technology

Cool Life™
Cool Life™ is a high-build elastomeric coating system which is carefully constructed using a 100% acrylic resin. It provides up to 400% elongation and flexes with changes in temperature. Its high-build finish is waterproof and expands and contracts with building movement, which provides maximum protection against water damage and cracking even in the most severe weather. This is especially beneficial in climates that tend to fluctuate a great deal between the summer and winter months. Where most exterior paints will chip and blister over time with the constant change in weather, Cool Life™ adapts to it, outlasting even the sturdiest of paints.

Cool Life™ coatings are superior to regular paints as Cool Life™ coatings create a thick waterproof layer that covers and seals even hairline cracks, helping prevent water damage. Standard paints, on the other hand, are not designed to be waterproof or fill cracks, causing deterioration of exterior walls which leads to mold and mildew forming throughout the wall itself.


ASTM D-2370


Tensile strength

ASTM D-2370

350 psi

Low-temperature flexibility

ASTM D-522

Passes 1″ Mandrel bend

Permeance at 20 mils

ASTM D-1653


Accelerated weathering @1000 hours

ASTM D-4798

No cracking or checking

Water swelling

ASTM D-471


Solar reflectance

ASTM D-C-1549


Thermal emittance

ASTM C-1371


Cool LIfe

In addition to the acrylic resin, Cool Life™ contains a number of other highly-effective ingredients.

  • Titanium dioxide eliminates chalking and oxidation while providing superior “hiding” power as well as being unaffected by temperature change, moisture, acids, and smog.
  • Dicalite is diatomaceous earth that is inert (doesn’t react to) alkali and acids, is non-combustible, and promotes breathability while providing inter-coat adhesion.
  • Bodying agents help prevent sagging and create a compound 20 times thicker than ordinary paint.
  • Mildewcide is very resistant to the growth of mildew, fungus, and algae, and is also eco-friendly.
  • Reinforcement fibers are used for bridging small cracks as well as a base (net) to hold all of the many ingredients together.
  • UV blockers protect the coating by blocking the sun’s harmful rays as well as protecting against sheen change, cracking, blistering, and prime color change.
  • Color stabilizers add life to the coating and are used in combination with the UV absorbers to enhance their combined long-life functions.
  • Perlite is a glassy volcanic substance with built-in cells. It creates a rough coat for a stucco look as well as hiding wall anomalies.

Note that, as with any proprietary formula, certain ingredients have been left out to protect our exclusive formula.