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is the home improvement division of the Life Paint Company. Life Paint is a family owned business and was formed in 1963 by two friends – a chemist and a salesman. Back then, they only had one coating formula. Today, Life Paint is a premier manufacturer of a multitude of specialty coatings for buildings and homes.

Life Paint has since grown into a leading manufacturer of premier specialty architectural coatings and house paints.

LifeTime Plus will not ever sell directly to the public, perform any installation of products, or have ownership with any installation companies.

Lifetime Plus Company Story

Company Story
Life paint is a family owned company with both corporate offices and manufacturing facilities in Santa Fe Springs, California. Since its inception in 1963, Life Paint has been recognized as a respected manufacturer of paint. The aggressive posture of ownership has placed Life Paint on the cutting edge of the latest technological advancements in the industry.

Life Paint was founded on the principle of manufacturing the finest quality paint, coatings and associated products formulated to meet and exceed the highest standards of the professional contractor.

Life Paint prides itself in being pioneers in the manufacturing of Cool Life™ wall coatings and roof coatings. Life Paint coatings such as Cool Life have been developed and tested to withstand the most severe weather conditions from freezing Wisconsin winters to the blistering heat of an Arizona summer.

Life Paint specializes in formulating exterior paint and coating to address serious geological challenges. Heavy vibration as well as thermal shock expansion and contraction causes cracking in stucco and masonry surfaces. Ordinary house paints offer no protection for this problem.
Life Paint Cool Life™ paints do.

Life Paint Cool Life™ coatings have been established products since the late 1970s. In the 1980s Life Paint incorporated the technological advances in the exterior paint coating industry developing wall coatings using the highest quality Cool Life™ ingredients. This advanced new product has been used successfully and promoted by professional painting/coating contractors. As a result Life Paint produces the finest coating material for any type of home.

Life Paint was a pioneer in heat reflective technology. After developing Cool Life concrete color seal for its popular Life Deck line of products, Life Paint obtained the coveted heat reflective ASTM#: D-C1549 from the state of California. By adding this revolutionary technology to its Cool Life™ product, Life Paint has created a coating that will last a lifetime in the harshest environments. At the same time, reflecting the sun’s harmful rays allows homeowners long term energy savings. This groundbreaking product is sold exclusively through a dealer network of Home Improvement contractors. The highest standards are expected of all personnel involved in Life Paint’s Home Improvement program.

Life Paint’s Cool Life™ coatings are many times thicker than ordinary house paint and use advanced technology that seals cracks, waterproofs porous surfaces and provides an attractive, durable finish with a lifetime warranty. Cool Life Coatings are the solution to a homeowner’s exterior protection and maintenance challenges.