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Lifetime Plus is an industry leader in improving the latest technologies. Our environmentally friendly products are many times thicker than regular paint. Our superb and technologically-advanced products help homeowners protect the exterior surfaces of their buildings from the harmful effects of the sun, wind, rain, dirt, smog, and natural aging. The service life of our Cool Life™ Coating can extend well beyond the years of ordinary paint, helping customers save money on costly repainting and providing an excellent return on your investment.

A Message to our Lifetime Plus Coatings of America Community Regarding Covid-19

As the Covid-19 Coronavirus continues to spread across communities, Lifetime Plus Coatings of America the home improvement division of Life Paint, would like to share our sympathies with those infected in our community and around the world. We would also like to announce our latest additions to our health and safety program.

We have asked all employees to wash their hands with soap and water frequently and to keep work areas clean and sanitized. In addition, employees are not to share food, shake hands or fist bump each other or anyone visiting our facilities. Keeping 3-6 feet from anyone sneezing or coughing will also reduce possibility of infection. Any employee who has flu-like symptoms such as dry cough, fever, even a runny nose or has been in contact with any infected individual, has been instructed to notify their manager and remain home. Any employee who contracts Covid-19 will be compensated for lost wages.

To minimize the risk of infection, all sales training and product education courses will be done online. Call your representative to arrange for a training using a web conference. A new video series including all aspects of product knowledge is under production and will be available in the near future. This will not only make a safer cleaner work environment; it will modernize the training process and allow us to reach your staff in an efficient manner.

Our office will remain open for business until further notice. Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the Covid-19 virus, we are closely monitoring all reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization and local health agencies. Lifetime Plus Coatings of America will quickly implement any new recommendations necessary to maintain the health of our customers and employees.

As a family owned and operated company for three generations, the health and well-being of our customers and employees is the top priority of Lifetime Plus Coatings of America.

Stay Well.

Since our founding in 1963, Lifetime Plus Coatings has provided reliable, professional service.

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