Welcome to Lifetime Plus Coatings of America, where you can rest assured your home or business is protected from the elements.

Lifetime Plus is an industry leader in improving the latest technologies. Our environmentally friendly products are provided by selected dealers and installed by only highly trained certified professionals. Our superb and technologically-advanced products help homeowners protect the exterior surfaces of their buildings from the harmful effects of the sun, wind, rain, dirt, smog, and natural aging. The service life of our Cool Life™ Coating can extend well beyond the years of ordinary paint, helping customers save money on costly repainting and providing an excellent return on your investment.

Since our founding in 1963, Lifetime Plus Coatings has provided reliable, professional service. Our products are only installed by highly-trained, licensed, and certified professionals. Every step of the Lifetime Plus Coating process, from initial preparation to beautiful finish, is thoroughly researched and expertly applied. Our Cool Life™ lifetime product warranty, which protects customers in the event of cracking or peeling, surpasses the industry standard.